2014 06 – G0VJG

J6/G0VJG Nobby was here on island for a two week vacation during which he enjoyed so good radio operating from his hotel and also with the J6 Portable group from the beach at Pigeon Point, and also an afternoon with Ernest j69az at Vigie beach . He also had a few days operating from my shack on top of the mountain. From the hotel he used his ft897d and a homebrew vertical on a 33 foot fibreglass mast and a 2 element budipole beam. From the beach he used the ft897 and a few buddipoles we set up for him on the beach.
At the shack here he used the ft857d and the th3 (3 el Ā tribander) and the 3 element yagi on 6m.
I must thank Nobby for letting me have the 33 foot fibreglass mast, which will be perfect for running a 40 meter vertical on the beach here šŸ™‚ more portable!!


His words of thanks:

Hi all

first my thanks to my new good friends Frans j69ds and Earnest j69az , They really made my holiday . We all went to the beach near pigeon point one morning and set up 3 antennas right on the beach Frans family came along and enjoy the sun and some swimming they also layered on a fantastic bbq . ,I made only a few qso in morning on 10m it was very slow but in the mid after noon I switched 15m and 12m and work some good pile ups on both about 400 qsos in all ,thank to my xyl who came along to soak up the sun and hade to put up with all that qrz 59 stuff .

Then few days later Earnest picked me up and we went to a local beach and set two antennas a did it all again and another 300 qso were made 17m . It was great fun and great to see what dx can be worked with low power at times running from solar power , Thanks again you guys for new experience best regards Nobby J6/G0VJG also cant thank you enough for helping get the licenceĀ 

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