2019 02 – J68HZ Tower and Antenna!

Hi, been a while since I have posted, but I canno tlet this event go un-noticed. Bill J68HZ K9HZ and all of the crew finally made it happen. Bill finally got all the permission for tower etc sorted, and this meant we were now on a GO to put it all up. Bill had his crew put in the base. Once that was set it was time to put up the tower. It went up in one Sunday and we stayed it with temp stays. The plan was a return the next time Bill was on island (a few weeks later) to complete guys and add the VHF antenna (a 50 foot boom!!!!) The crew was Bill J68HZ, J69CU Lin, J66CD Ian, Greg, Neil, Filita and myslf J69DS Frans. Getting the tower itself erected was a good excercise.

We came back and tackled the guys and VHF antenna. this took the better part of a Sunday also. Bill was going assemble the DB42 during the week. By Sunday we were back there on that mountain to get the DB42 up 60 feet…. and boy that was some serious exercise! 250 lbs had to go up 60 feet and avoid the guys and be put on top of the tower. A few snags along the way but with Lin onsite you know it has to work! Lin is the boss when it comes to tower work. Hats off to him in getting it done. Again we had J66CD J69CU J69HZ Greg and Myself J69DS as the crew. We had bill controlling hoist, J66CD and Greg handling the ropes and J69CU and myself on the tower…
It got all up there with some good excitement, but it was very worth it!

We got it all done by end of day really, including of running coax and cabling down the tower.
Once done Bill invited us to a serious BBQ right there at the villa! Was a great evening.
Bill was ready for the ARRL contest! he had Dan and Kyle over that following weekend for that! we all joined them then alsoo for a great evening after the contest, meeting with Kyle WA4PGN and Dan W0CN also. Great times as always with Bill! Thank you J68HZ K9HZ Bill !!!
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