2015 02 – WF2S

This February Steven and his xyl Melissa were back at Anse Chastanet. Steve has been a great friend for years and the standing joke when we talk is that I keep a setting at the table for him just in case he shows up eh… ¬†well he did show up this time eh..
Anse Chastanet is a long drive to Soufriere, but we did go out there and met up with him and Melissa. We had a lovely lunch right there at the resort, after which we visited for a while at their room. I had asked him to bring down some coax and power poles and pl259’s which he graciously donated. the Coax and a few of the poles were used incidentally at Ian’s place to put up antenna.. that is another page though..
We had a great time and Steve said he would be coming back toward the end of the year again!
We told hiom next time he must do at least a weekend with us at the qth since Soufriere is a long drive so we cannot just pop in and pop out there.. So next time at the least he will spend some time up north with us and the other hams… two weeks goes by so fast before we knew it they were on a plane and back to the cold again…

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