2015 01 – SP7VC et all

Beginning of 2015 Dominik 3Z9DX asked me wether I could look into the license application status of his friends who were coming to Saint Lucia. I agreed and he put me in touch with Mek SP7VC to get all the info I needed. Mek sent me all the copies of the application and relevant documents to proceed on his behalf. After a few ups and downs to NTRC and a lot of prodding we got the letter to go and pay the licenses, we were all like yes! but turned out to be a bit premature, brought the receipts back to NTRC to get the licenses that took forever, in the end they got the licenses just before they left! They also had applied for the same in Grenada and Saint Vincent, they asked if I could assist with those as well. I got J85K Kumar and J35X Derrek to assist there and both came through with the documents in hand
They came to Saint Lucia via Martinique where they stayed two days before coming to our shores. Whilst in FM they called me telling me we are coming on Sunday! They got in and actually the place they had reserved in Cap Estate was not to their liking and they moved to a guest house in Bonne Terre. By the time I went to meet them on Monday they had a R7, Spider beam and 160-80-40 wires up already! Mek and crew were on the move! On island were Mek SP7VC and YL Cathy, SP7TF Jerzy and his xyl Ewa, they would be here for a week ahead of the others. During that week we had some serious fun: VODKA! We had many great evenings there at their qth and we of course had them up home for a nice dinner. We also went around the island of course. We stopped in Vieux Fort at the reef where we also had IK0PUL Andrea on a windsurfing vacation. We met up and had lunch there. As a side note he was also still waiting for the hard copy of his license!!!
Time flew by and before we knew it the rest of the crew were in FM land and sailing down with the catamaran, Mek had organized with a taxi driver to pick them up at the marina and bring them to the house… taxi never showed! 🙁 but no sweat it was not far and they managed and got everybody home. They were to sail out early am, so asked me if I knew of somebody could assist that would show up and be on time, I volunteered.
So at 6 am I was on their doorstep to ferry them to the marina to go on board. Waved them off and they were set for a week of sailing down to Grenada and Saint Vincent!
They Sailed to Saint Vincent where they met with J85K and his xyl Corinne and got the licenses in hand.. In the end they did not go all the way Grenada’s mainland, only as far as Carriacou, so they did not get to meet Derrek. But he mailed the licenses to me and I sent them onwards to Mek.
On the way back up Mek and crew stopped in Marigot for one last Saint Lucia night! Cathy called me and said we are coming, and before we knew it they were at the house and we had one last evening of fun before they sailed to Martinique and then flew home! It was a super time with them here, we made some great friends and have really enjoyed their company. They left with the promise to return next year! looking forward to that! VODKA!

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