2014 12 – Buddies in the Caribbean

Yes it was Buddipole time again! Budd J68FF and Chris W6HFP  now J68HF with a new group of operators were here at Chateau Devaux again! The group: Jim AD4J, Jim N8DOD, Ronnie SM7DKF, Ben SM7EQL snd Winn WA4KKW. We wnet and helped with the antennae setup and met with our good friends and the met the new group also. This year the Radio club hosted a bbq for the Buddipole group at J69KZ Lionel’s home. Budd and Chris also hosted all the local hams at the Chateau for dinner. Of course we spend nearly every evening with Budd and the group having a few beers and many qso’s a really great time as always! Ben Sm7EQL had this really neat setup, he had a kx3 with a arduino setup to do cw inclusive of the batteries all in a little box (like an ammunition box) he even had a fm link to his head set so he could actually walk away from his rig up to about 40 feet and still work his rig.. really neat!!
But before we knew it it was time for them to head back and another adventure was done 🙁 But as always met some great operators and made some new friends.

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