2014 03 – VA3EGG

March is Darren’s month, he and his wife Karen came back but this time to St James Morgan Bay as the resort of choice… I went and put up his long wires up, this time it was easy he was up two stories and the back of the room faced the edge of the property so threw the wire of the edge of the balcony and then just went and pulled it to the fence and tied of there.  So in record time he had antenna up with a good height. He also brought some items for the shack I needed! Thank you Darren and Karen!
Of course we had them up for dinner here as always, in attendance J69AZ Ernest and his wife J69EJ Fay and daughter Faith. J69AZ Ernest and myself also took Darren and a friend of his, Jody, out to a local Rhum Shop where he played some pool met some of the people there and of course “one beer to many”! We got them back to the resort around midnight, with the xyl’s waiting and saying “you all said just an hour! that was four hours ago!!” 🙂 Aaah the fun we had!  The weekend, Saturday, we all hit the beach and did a J6 Portable session and Darren had some fun working the DX from right on the beach. We had all the family there and of course bbq beer and plenty of fun! It is just a great time always with Darren and Karen! Super friends!

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