2013 12 – Buddies in the Caribbean

December 2013 brought back to our shores our good friend Budd W3FF also J68FF, his Son Chris W6HFP and a crew of new operators, Craig NM4T, Jerry N9AW, Jim W4QO and John W5EXJ. We met with them and of course spent time on the first day helping with setting up the antennae! We had some fun throwing a rope of the trees to get a fuloll 160 dipole up. got it eventually! We also have Budd J68FF, Chris WH6HFP, Jim W4QO and Rick AA4W came up to the qth for a good luch, the others opted to work the dx from the chateau 🙂
Of course we had amny a good evening with them and other local ham operators such as J69AZ J66CD J66CF J69MV and others.
It has been a great continueing friendship with Budd and all the other operators that come here with him.

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