2013 03 – VA3EGG

This was truly the beginning of a great friendship. We first met via email where he was asking about the local repeaters. When he got to the Hotel Resort: Le Sport, we got in touch and I went up there and met him and assisted him with setting up his antenna. we used a crescent wrench at the end of a long twine which we threw up in to a big tree over a branch and pulled his long wire up! It was funny to watch on of the grounds guys watch us do this and you could see it on his face: what are these crazies doing now?
Darren attended a club at the time and Rob was here also, he came in on Friday and Darren was leaving the sunday.
Of course during his stay we had Darren and his wife Karen up to the house for dinner and we had a blast with Tot J69MV and his xyl Corinthia present. To this day we are in touch all the time, just great friends !!