2007 12 – FM1HM & FM0MM

Eric FM1FM and Sabrina FM0MM both good friends of ours via amateur radio, we got to know each other via vhf. Eric decided he wanted to visit Saint Lucia and asked me if I could find a reasonable priced place to stay. I have a neighbour who lets an apartment and it was available. So it was on! Eric came with his yl Sabrina and we had a great time we took them around the island and did all the fun stops of course like the volcano, the pitons, the Diamon falls etc etc. We also visited some of the other local hams here.
We met with j69ac Gyvan at his office and spent some time chatting. We also met j66bf Fabian at his office at the NTRC where we stayed for a bit also. and we also met j69az Ernest and went too the local pub and had a few beers and fun time there!
Eric and Sabrina stayed with us, the place they rented is next door to my qth so they were with us form early morning till evening and we just had a great time, a time that will certainly be remembered!

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