2007 10 – DL7AFS DJ7ZG Babs & Lot

Babs (dl7afs) and Lot (dj7zg) with Ju (dl2zae) were on the Saint Lucia from Sep 22 to October 11th and stayed at the Fox Grove inn in Mon Repos on the East coast.
They rented a stand alone villa and put up many vertical antennae using fibre glass poles.

When I realized they were on island I contacted Babs via radio and found out where they were. I organized and told her we would come down to visit. So my wife and myself set out to meet up with the Germans on island! We got there and met up with Babs Lot and Ju stayed for a while and invited them to come up and have lunch with us at our home.
They accepted and a couple days later they were at the shack where we had another nice time with them. At this time Babs presented me with the banner of the German Amateur association: DARC. which to this day I have and cherish!

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