Portable on the Beach

This morn we were slow in deciding if we were heading to the beach or not, the weather was not promising and kinda in between rain and sun shine. But by ten we decided it looked good enough, so started getting ready. I loaded the Icom 706mkII and the buddipole into the pickup, Of course also the tarp etc etc was loaded. We got to the beach around 11 Am, and the sun had joined the party: sunny and hot!
I setup on 10 meters and worked a pileup on 28.430 had loads of fun. The band was not steady though at times had trouble hearing because of deep qsb, but overall had fun. By about three local time the 10 meter band died out on me, so I went down to 15 meters and worked there for a while. it was not the best either but worked a number of stations and had fun doing it!
Now the plan when I was packing the stuff into the pickup was to work digital, but of course I had to forget the signalink usb so this is why I worked USb insted of rtty. But it is fun also that way, maybe even more so…
And a couple of pics I took today…

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