Dolica Buddipole Mod


When Budd (W3FF / J68FF) was here this past December, he had a dolica modified to be a Buddipole vertical pole.
It got knocked about and base mount of the antenna got broken off. It was mounted with a combination of Glue (epoxy) and a stud.
When it broke he gave it to me to be fixed, and left it here to be used by the J6 Portable Crew.

So I ordered a mirror mount for a hamstick from amazon. Once I got it here, I proceeded to cut of the bracket (mirror mount) from the plate where the stud mount is. I drilled hole in one corner of the plate to be where I would bolt it down on the Dolica top. In the other corner I drilled a hole big enough to fit the adaptor of a radial kit from buddipole. Next I drilled out the stud that broke off in the dolica top plate, and proceeded to drill right through the plate, this way a nut and bolt (stainless) would secure the antenna mount plate tot the dolica plate. I then tried removing the nut that is right against the pin on the radial connector, and boy is that nut on there tight! I ended up carefully cutting through the nut, taking care not to cut the brass stud. I used a screw driver to open the nut where I had split it, and then could remove it.
Once all this was done it was simple I matter of mounting the plate tot he dolica plate, adding the stud mount for the antenna, adding the radial connector to the plate. and off we go now whith a Dolica mast for a buddipole vertical, I am sure it can handle up to 15 meters vertical easy, longer might be wise to use a coil to avoid too much length and pressure on the dolica plate.
I have added the photos below, since I am sure I got everybody properly confuse now 🙂

73, RF all the way, Rehab is not an option

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