40 Meter Vertical – Antenna Party

It has been a while I have been eyeing the 27 foot pipe I used to use for the 6 meter quad to make a vertical.. well this weekend we bit the bullet.. worked out what I needed to complete the job, screw bolts etc and got it all and decided this Sunday was the day!
I told the the J6 Portable group I was thinking of doing this…
Sunday morning I told them today I was out for a few hours but on return would be doing the vertical for 40 meters one way or the other. So of course J69Z was the first to say hey how do you think you are going to get it vertical by your self? We are coming ok, just let us know when you are back home!

So I went to work and on the way back got the few bits I still needed and when I got home set to work in preparing it all.
I slit the top of the galvanized pipe so I could slide in the extension I needed to get to 33 feet of length, and drilled a hole and used a stainless steel bolt to secure it all. drilled a hole at the base to fit the lead to the SO239 used stainless nut and bolt there also. Bottom of the 2″ inch pipe is threaded so I used a coupling at the base, drilled and enlarged the hole for the bolt to allow to use a piece of 1/4″ hot water pvc pipe for insulating the vertical form the ground. Made to shims to prevent electrical contact also between the pipe and the base. Cut a radial and setup the connection from the vertical to the SO239.
By this time my niece and nephew showed up so we went for lunch. By the time we were done with lunch J69Z Ernest and J66CD Ian were here. So they decided work first then lunch so we set to work getting the pipe threaded into the coupling and the guy ropes in place, pushed it all up and guyed it down. Now We have a working vertical we use when portable so I used the radial length for this one also. we checked the swr using the FG01 analyzer and it showed the dip to be way below the band. So we set about trimming the radial ( at this time only one radial installed) trimmed it way shorter than what I expected but got a swr of 1.2 on 7.175 Mhz. perfect! so we went upstairs after running a 100 feet of coax form the vertical to the rig in the shack. J66CF also put up a new 40 meter antenna today so we called him for a test, and he was 10 over 9! and I was also a 59 by him. he was previously a 53 at best here. so his antenna change was a super improvement. the vertical also performed well, we checked with J69EJ Fay and she confirmed good copy!
So went back downstairs and measured three more radials from the one there, installed those and pinned them down on the lawn. Did a final test with Francis J66CF, perfect! So the guy went for lunch of course cooked by Filita my sweetheart!
By time we were done they had to run since Ernest had an appointment to get to and he was already late.
But again this is how J6 Portable group works, need help and we are there in a flash, whether it be help to put up an antenna or help to drink a case of beers: we are there! nou la!

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