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Finally I did bite the bullet and did a rebuild of the shack. For a few years (yes years) I have been saying I must to something with the shack. I have been using two separate desks making a corner in the room. It was never very tidy as a setup, wires all over the place and bits and pieces added over the years but never really planned out to fit.

So got the materials and removed the shack and started out… I made a full length desk on one side of the shack with a small bit making it sort of an L shape.  made the frame bolted onto the wall of 2″x2″ with the cross member  made on 2″x4″ of course all treated wood. the desk top is made of 3/4″ plywood. once all was mounted it took a serious amount of sanding to get it nice and smooth. after a few session of filler and sanding down the surface was acceptable to be stained. I used a teak stain which is light so the room stay light. then I proceeded to varnish it. I chose a satin finish to it would not be too glossy and not show scrapes which will be inevitable after a time. I also gave the walls a coat so they are bright also 🙂

But the overall result is pleasing I have lots of space now, and the room is way more spacious also. I put the photos at the bottom of this page, the first two pics are of the shack as it was, and then the building and result.. enjoy

Putting all the equipment back in the shack was a serious job all by itself.. but once decided what was going to go where, got into it and the result is what shows in the pictures. I must say thanks to Darren (va3egg) for supplying all tie wraps, so no loose wires. Everything nicely tied down and held in place.
In the pictures the first two are showing the shack as it was before, with the current the shack towards the end of the list.


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