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the Pi and BBS RMS Chat Node et all

So the update to the RasspberryPi and Tnc-Pi with BPQ is that now we have the RMS gate working also!!
Took a bit of me learning and reading and of course with great help from N9PMO Mike and of course John and the whole BPQ Yahoo group.

I am just having a blast with BPQ and all it capabilities! It is just amazing what this can do, and on a raspberryPi!

It is currently running a NODE, BBS, Chat, Aprs Igate and APRS as a station and now also RMS…
Here is the article I posted on the CEWN site:

There is a packet BBS on air on Saint Lucia again, with a number of stations active in Martinique on APRS also
The BBS J62DX-3 and its Node J62DX-4 and the Chat server J62DX-2 are on 144.390 Mhz. Also running is an Aprs Igate and a RMS Gate

The BBS system is run and maintained by J69DS Frans. The service is run on a RaspberryPi with a Tnc-Pi to an Icom 2100 at 5 watts. the antenna is a 1 wave over a 1.4 wave vertical.
Dominica already has a node ready to be installed at the repeater site (Morne Anglais). In Martinique we already have two Digis up and an Igate up and running.
In Trinidad there are many stations on APRS and Igate with Nodes and BBs
A good place to look is on aprs.fi

We would like to see a node on each island at least it would allow an across the region network. in normal times it is just fun to experiment. But in an emergency packet is an error free method of passing information.
To get on packet can be a s simple as running agwpe (Agw Packet Engine) and going via the sound card to the radio, and using the Agw terminal to access the network. Even a ‘real’ tnc is not that expensive as back in the days, a Tnc-X is one of the easy to get tnc’s.

Hope to see you on the packet network.


Frans J69DS J62DX J62YOTA

J6 Portable humble beginnings

I started doing portable just for fun and it still is just for fun… I used to call up and text all the j6 operators and invite them.. bring a coke bring a piece of chicken and lets play radio on the beach… some came others not but we had fun and that was how the J6 Portable Group began… the year was early 2012! we are into our fourth year on the beach!

We were joined oftentimes by J69EN Junior, J66BF Fabian, J66CD Ian still with us, J66CE Jason , J66AG Dwayne (sk) and others for the CB fraternity also… just saying, those were good days… and actually still are! just check j6 Portable Group!!

A few photos of those early early days….

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Portable tomorrow again

Hi we will be portable tomorrow with VA3EGG Darren from Pigeon Point beach.. read more here:  http://j6portable.dageekz.com/?p=127

Camping portable

The J6 Portable Crew will be portable and camping for Saint Lucia Independence Day / weekend. We will be camping from the 21st to the 23 rd February we will be at a remote beach in the north of the island. We will be running at most 100 watts and most times running qrp. For antennae we will have a bunch of Buddipole up and hopefully also a buddy beam! Also we will have on hand a ground mounted buddipole type antenna.
One this is guaranteed we are going to have fun!

Look for j69az j66ca and j69ds on the air during that weekend!

Portable today!

Hi All,

we shall be going portable as a group today, J6 Portable is alive and well.
I will be putting up a two element buddipole beam on the beach at Vigie.

Also in February we will be activating Rat Islet of the Saint Lucia coast, this should be from 21 february to the 23rd.


j6 Portable

Yesterday was a last minute decision, the eldest boy called us what are you doing? let’s head to the beach! So we cooked lunch (well Filita did) and packed up the pickup and all of us headed to Pigeon Point Beach ( in google maps )
I setup on 15 meters since that was the band that was predicted to be ‘open’most for the day. in the morning worked a couple of stations but the band was not in very good shape. Late afternoon the band was a bit better and worked a good few stations. I did get to work a number of nice contacts. All in all it was a fun day of Bbq, Beers, Bikinis, Buddipole 🙂 we had good fun as a family and also on the air.

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Portable on the Beach

This morn we were slow in deciding if we were heading to the beach or not, the weather was not promising and kinda in between rain and sun shine. But by ten we decided it looked good enough, so started getting ready. I loaded the Icom 706mkII and the buddipole into the pickup, Of course also the tarp etc etc was loaded. Continue reading