2012 12 – Buddies in the Caribbean

Buddies in the Caribbean had been coming down to Saint Lucia for a few years already but somehow this was the first year I met up with Budd and group. Every year Budd W3FF brings another group of operators to Saint Lucia to operate using the buddipole antenna from Chateaux Devaux in the North end of the island.

I got in touch with Budd and when they were here did go and met up with them in person. This was also the year they came to one of the club meetings and met some of the other operators.
We had Budd W3FF, Guy N7UN and Rob N7QT up to the house for a lunch on one of the days (the rest chose to stay and play radio) and that proved to be the beginning of a great friendship between us. Over the ten days that the Buddies in the Caribbean were here we had many a fun evening with them

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