JT65 observations


JT65 is a great mode, it is capable of establishing a contact where you cannot hear the signal nor ‘see’ it on screen. However once you are setup for JT65 or any other JT mode there are a few things you ought to know..
When you, we, come on the air we want to make that Q, however on jt65 the tx rx cycle is a minute each side. Thus one ought to listen for at least a full two minutes before keying to ensure you are not doing this on an occupied frequency.
Also something I see a lot is when I am in a qso another station will call over the other party. This causes me not to get the report or response from the other party thus increasing the qso by a full two minutes, also the waiting time for the offending station has now increased..
Also of paramount importance is the system clock, it has to be accurate!! if it is off by a few seconds you will not receive nor be received. I use BktTimeSync by IZ2BKT, an excellent utility. I have the shack pc time synched every minute.

The listening is something that holds true on all modes, just the time frame is different for different modes. On SSB even we get a lot of stations calling over each other which only makes it longer and harder to work each other.. Just a little bit of courtesy goes a long way.

For the JT65 modes I use WSJT-X together with JTAlert and JTMacros both are excellent addons to WSJT-X.  Also for JT65 is JT65-HF but I prefer WSJT-X. Actually WSJT-X also handles JT9.

Hey take care, be good to each other, be courteous on the bands and just have fun! so on you air.


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